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Dog DNA Testing – For What?

There is a company (PooPrints) that provides canine DNA testing services for apartment complexes and such. Why do apartments need canine DNA testing, you ask? To identify owners who don’t pick up after their dog after he/she has done it’s business. If you know what I mean… Here’s how it works: 1) Dog owners who live on the property give a sample of their dog’s DNA via cheek swab. 2) The dog’s DNA is registered at PooPrints’ laboratory. 3) When […]

A Valentine for You and Your Pup

  Treat your pup to a new collar this Valentine’s Day – and take 20% off your entire order while you’re at it! It’s our Valentine to you and your pup. Simply use the coupon code: HEART at checkout. Enjoy! XOXO Macy

More Love Letters

While getting in my daily cardio yesterday, I turned on the treadmill TV and stumbled upon the Jeff Probst Show.  Now, I don’t normally watch daytime talk shows, but when I saw the topic roll across the screen, I decided to unplug my iPod and tune in. A young girl by the name of Hannah Brencher was the guest. Hannah has started a campaign called More Love Letters – where she encourages people across the world to leave love letters […]

DIY: Paw Print Wall Art

How adorable is this cute DIY paw print wall art idea from ChicSprinkles.com featured in the latest issue of ModernDog magazine? With a few simple materials (paper, paint, frame), you can create a modern, yet adorable piece of art in honor of your pup! Want the tutorial? Click here!

Maddie the Coonhound

Meet Maddie, a Coonhound with an uncanny sense of balance! Maddie is photographer Theron Humphrey‘s sweet pup. She’s been traveling all over the states with Theron working on his latest project: This Wild Idea. Theron explains, “She’s the kind of dog that would rather stand than lay down, so over time I just started picking her up and putting her on things. They are some lighthearted images that make me smile!” Theron says he took all of the pics with […]

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