Dog DNA Testing – For What?

There is a company (PooPrints) that provides canine DNA testing services for apartment complexes and such. Why do apartments need canine DNA testing, you ask? To identify owners who don’t pick up after their dog after he/she has done it’s business. If you know what I mean… Here’s how it works: 1) Dog owners who live on the property give a sample of their dog’s DNA via cheek swab. 2) The dog’s DNA is registered at PooPrints’ laboratory. 3) When […]

Weee! Weee!

Okay. I have a not-so-secret secret. I am dying to get a teacup pig. We’ve had Pippa almost a year now and I would love to add to our family…. again. After catching up with my husband’s aunt at a wedding a few weeks ago, I found out that my husband’s cousin raises teacup pigs. What? A pig you can keep in the house? A pig to snuggle with and love on? Yes please! Not only are they adorable, but: […]

Got ID?

Since I am on a pink streak, I thought I’d feature these adorable $12 dog tags made by Happy Tags on Etsy. Aimee and Christopher, of San Francisco, create beautiful ID tags for dogs — all shapes and colors (not just pink!). Check them out on their Etsy store.

Underwater Dog Photography

You must check out these incredible underwater dog photos from famed pooch photographer, Seth Casteel. Mayes got me a new camera for Valentine’s Day and I have embarked on a new journey – discovering dog photography. 🙂 I hope that one day I’ll be able to provide free photography services for rescue groups and shelters in Houston. If you have any tips for me, let me know!

Savvy Blue

Zag this Way – Blue and Green

January 2012 – 002 Houston

Bright Delight

Union Jack

Christmas Campers

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