More Love Letters

While getting in my daily cardio yesterday, I turned on the treadmill TV and stumbled upon the Jeff Probst Show.  Now, I don’t normally watch daytime talk shows, but when I saw the topic roll across the screen, I decided to unplug my iPod and tune in. A young girl by the name of Hannah Brencher was the guest. Hannah has started a campaign called More Love Letters – where she encourages people across the world to leave love letters to strangers in random places. It’s not stalk-ish like you’d think, since the letters are meant for anyone who finds them, not specific people. She started it when she moved to NYC in 2010 when she went through a bout of depression. As a form of therapy, she started writing love letters and leaving them all over the city. What began as something to help mend her heart, now mends the hearts of people across the globe. The non-profit org has spread across 6 continents.

I think it is an incredible idea – to reach out to someone you don’t know and tell them that they matter. Hannah explained that the letters find the people that they are meant for – and many times, the letters make huge impacts on the hearts of their readers.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day next week, I am going to write a few love letters myself. I challenge you to do the same! For more information, visit They also have a fabulous Pinterest page here.

Check out Hannah’s Ted Talk:

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