We’d like to showcase all of the pups that sport Lovepup collars. Send us a photo of your pup with his/her new collar on, and we will feature it here!


Boo is ready to bounce in the bunnies collar!


Penny sure is pretty in her Zag this Way collar.

Rudy is ready to set sail in his Lobsters collar. What a cutie!

Charlotte shines in her Calliope collar!

Charlie the Blue Lacy is looking sweet in her Posh Polka Flower collar.

Hazel shines in her Pink Calliope collar!

Hazel shines in her Pink Calliope collar!

Bella is ready for a boat party in her Pink Turtles collar!

Winnie, the “Cajun Girl,” in her Gator Stomp collar!

Gus loves his Gator Stomp collar… and his legless dragon!

Nash is “Goin’ Campin'” while in Colorado!

Lovepup Boo

Boo is looking good in the Bright Bubbles collar!


Homer is just chillin’ in a lovely Purple Floral collar!

Barney is standing out in his Peace Dog collar!

Gunner is a stunner in his Navy Tribal collar!

Ashley won herself a Cherries collar in a Lovepup Facebook contest! Hooray!

Gage enjoys playing outdoors in his Gator Stomp collar.

Roxy is rockin’ her Calliope collar!

Ellie taking a snooze on Snowmass Mountain in her Veggies collar.

Hazel’s sister, Betty, looks chic in her Safari Style collar!

Lewis is looking very regal in his new lobster collar!