Harry the Hippo

WARNING: This is major cute overload! Harry the Hippo, a pygmy hippo, was born last Thursday at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. His mother rejected him at birth, so it is now up to the wildlife caretakers to feed him, bathe him, and look after him until he can look after himself.  Harry will be no more than 3 feet tall when he reaches adult-hood. Pygmy hippos are also nocturnal – spending most of their time under water until […]

Maddie the Coonhound

Meet Maddie, a Coonhound with an uncanny sense of balance! Maddie is photographer Theron Humphrey‘s sweet pup. She’s been traveling all over the states with Theron working on his latest project: This Wild Idea. Theron explains, “She’s the kind of dog that would rather stand than lay down, so over time I just started picking her up and putting her on things. They are some lighthearted images that make me smile!” Theron says he took all of the pics with […]

Second Chance Photos

As if there wasn’t enough to love about photographer Seth Casteel, I just stumbled upon his new non-profit: Second Chance Photos. Their mission is to teach volunteers how to take professional photos of shelter dogs – thus increasing their chance of finding a forever home. He has several workshops (all of which are sadly sold out), plus he provides great tips on his site. What an inspiration!

Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

Say Cheese

We finally had nice weather in Houston this weekend. Actually, “nice” is an understatment. It was incredible! Sunny/70’s on both Saturday and Sunday. I took the opportunity to try out my new camera on the pups — so we had an impromptu photo shoot. Ollie wasn’t having much of it, but Pippa was acting like a cover girl! Check out some of the pics below. If you have any tips for photographing dogs, please leave them in the comments section! […]

Isabella Says

Isabella Says from Life + Dog. Happy Friday everyone!   XOXO Macy

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